ABC Bingo

Review of ABC Bingo

When it comes to the ABC Bingo online casino, the key word is bingo, if you can even call it that given its location in the United Kingdom. We aren’t convinced by our early impressions, mostly since the landing page seems to be geared at what we may refer to as the ‘bingo crowd.’ If it isn’t too broad a generalization about the kind of people who might be interested in a bingo website,

In terms of general style, it’s very typical of the UK bingo website market—and given that it’s URL, we can confidently presume it’s aimed squarely at the British population. A female-oriented customer is clearly indicated by the use of pinky-red tones and light blues, although this may be a little arrogant of us to say so.

We can only rely on our instincts, and the feeling here indicates that there’s some excellent quality bingo to be had, given that the aesthetics are quite polished and up to date, so we’ll go with that. We tested the site using a Mac that had seen better days (think of it as an old, weary dog with arthritis in his legs and a dodgy eye), and even with the site’s slow loading time and pleasingly curved boxes we found it pleasing to the eye, even if we were only looking through a veil of cataracts and nastiness.

Menus That Aren’t Visible

Aside from the digressions and health issues, if there is one immediate critique, it is that the menus for this website are a bit difficult to find. Sure, they have some gorgeous handwritten fonts being employed, but having them buried away in small letters in the upper right hand corner of the page does no one any favors and gives the impression that the only thing this site has to offer is bingo.

In actuality, it doesn’t, but the most of the main page is devoted to the latest bingo news and events. Following that, you’ll find some thumbnails for the various games on offer, none of which have a description as to what they are, and below that, a Bingo Schedule complete with a winnings ticker, so you can see what kind of numbers people are walking away with in terms of cash, and the dates and times when new bingo games are going to be launched.

However, you said that it is more than just bingo!

That is correct, it is not. Check the top right of the screen – you know, the part where we complained about it being difficult to see – and you’ll notice that there’s also an option for slots. A number of sites have attempted this, and while it is a fantastic idea in some aspects, the gap between the two is rather big in other areas. In other words, the target audiences are fundamentally different, and as a result, people searching for a full-service casino are unlikely to be satisfied with the aesthetics of a bingo website, while those looking for bingo entertainment are unlikely to be interested in serious video poker.

After everything is said and done, we now have something that makes a lot more sense—combining the harmless enjoyment of bingo with the similarly harmless enjoyment of slot machines. Genuine issue is whether ABC Bingo does slot machines very well, since this will make the difference between the slot area being a complete waste of time and the slot section really providing a very real function.

The Worry Is Over

The good news is that when you click on the Slots, you’ll be transported to a page that has a sort/search bar that is driven by the letters of the alphabet. As a result, it would seem that there is a complete A-Z of slot titles, but here is also when things start to get a bit complicated. The reason behind this is as follows.

Blackjack, baccarat, and deuces wild are among the first games that load in this portion of the website. All of these games are card games, and they are all of the types of card games that you would typically find in a full-service casino. Our previous argument about keeping things neatly focused on the enjoyable part of internet gambling has been thrown out the window. This example also illustrates the idea regarding needless additions to bingo websites, which we discussed before. Apart from the fact that you’re unlikely to be in this digital neighborhood for anything other than bingo, the developers have failed to demonstrate that you can play cards on the loading page, increasing the likelihood that people will leave and go to another website in search of their dealer based fun (that’s card dealer, not any other type you might be thinking of).

Let’s Get This Party Started

Again, you’ll be taken to a section of the site that is entirely dedicated to what you’re almost certainly here for: bingo. Click on Bingo once more in that difficult-to-find section of the top right hand corner of the screen, and you’ll be taken to a section of the site that is entirely dedicated to what you’re almost certainly here for: bingo!

The bingo schedule takes up the most of the screen, and it tells you how long each game has remaining, how much a card costs to play, and who the current top winner is, as well as how much money they have won so far. It’s all done in real time, which not only adds to the authenticity (of course), but also creates a feeling of urgency to be involved. Alternatively, it prevents you from becoming sucked into a game that is all but done.

On the subject of alternatives, it must be stated that we’ve seen better and more diverse offerings elsewhere- ABC Bingo only offers 90 Ball, 75 Ball, and 5 Line games, which is a disappointment. Nonetheless, they are all very amusing and delightful, so there are no complaints about the overall quality.

Three for the price of one pound

Promotions have evolved into the lifeblood of the online gambling industry, allowing carbon copy companies to separate themselves from their competitors and attract new players at an accelerated rate. ABC Bingo is very strong in this area, it must be noted. If you join up, you’ll earn a bonus simply for doing so, as well as 10 percent cashback and a bonus for recommending a friend. In an unusual twist, you can also win a whole year’s supply of school supplies.